Leileier Working Process

Before you start your kitchen build journey, we want to show you how we work with you and how long the kitchen build will take.

Follow these steps and get your kitchen easily. If you need support on ideas with the styles, we are here to help. A free-of-charge design consultation is available upon request.

Email us: service@leileier.com

1. Book Free Consultation

Before you start buying any cabinets, you can book a free design consultation with our designers.

If you already have a plan of your kitchen design, such as a draft outline, your budget, or preferred style, this step will only need 2 days.


  1. We will process your request within 24 hours or less.
  2. Consultation is all time free, and we will provide 2 pieces of free design kitchen layouts.

2. Order Sample (*Optional)

7-10 working days (Custom painted door will take longer, for more detail, please contact us via service@leileier.com)

 After you consulted with our designers, maybe you want to order a door sample to check our quality and color.

The sample delivery will take 7-10 working days. Parcel transit times depend on the actual availability of the logistics company.

Book Free Design Consultation

3.Measurement Service

The door-to-door measurement service needs to charge 100 dollars, but if you place an order on our website later, we will refund the 100 dollars to you, that is to say, we can provide you with free door-to-door measurement service, as long as you place an order on our website.

4. Place Order

When you checked the sample quality and colour, and you are satisfied with Leileier Kitchen sample, then we can move to place the order.

If you have any questions or worries, you can modify your order in 48 hours.

5. Re-check Measurements (One Time Free)

Once you have placed your order, one of our technical surveyors will visit you at home to check all aspects of your order.

After that, we will reconfirm the order details with you via email.

Only after the second confirmation of the order will we inform our production department to proceed with production.

*Note: Reconfirmation is to ensure that all preparations are checked before production.

6. Manufacture

Our custom kitchen cabinet units will start manufacturing after you place and reconfirm your order.

When the production is finished, then we will apply for the quality inspector to do the inspection.

Don't worry, we will send the inspection report to you.

7. Door-to-door Delivery

Delivery only to the United States. Our delivery team will drop off all the raw materials prior to your installation.

8. Installation (*Optional Paid Service)

You can pay us to install your kitchen. Or, you can DIY the kitchen units with the attached kitchen installation guide.

Anyway, if you have any questions during any steps, welcome to contact us for help or support