Transparent Concrete

The translucent concrete allows light to pass directly through the middle, as if glowing. Usually, the transparent concrete is produced by mixing 4% to 5% (by volume) optical fibers in the concrete mixture. So that the light can pass through the bricks through the refraction of the light-guiding materials, creating a beautiful luminous effect.

Leileier Custom Transparent Concrete

Price: $559/㎡
Specifications: 600*1200mm
Pattern and size can be customized
Notes: The maximum size of a single board is 600*1200, less than this size can be cut according to the actual size, and more than this size can be spliced.

*Leileier also design translucent concrete according to the ideas of customers. Send us your plans and ideas and we can develop the concept with you or arrange a price.

The translucent concrete itself can be made in various colors except gray and white, and its color change can also be adjusted by changing the light. Its rich and transparent light source effect is like a vast starry sky, which reflects the true color and artistry of its "Goddess of the Night" in the night landscape.

The transparent concrete is roughly divided into three types: point type, linear type and customized type. The dot-like and linear-like styles are fixed styles, while the custom-made styles can be made according to design patterns.

Advantages of Transparent Concrete:

The main advantage of transparent concrete is that it can transmit light. There, it can be used to make green buildings. Since it can transmit light from natural as well as artificial sources, the building can have fewer lights to meet its demand for lighting. Thus saving huge energy cost. Transparent concrete uses sunlight as source of light instead of electrical energy and reduces power consumption. This concrete can also be used cold countries to transmit heat with sunlight.


In the field of construction, light transmitting concrete is mainly used for the facade of buildings. It can be hung in the form of boards or built in the form of bricks. With good privacy and lighting.
In the interior, it can be used as a partition wall or background wall to make the whole space soft and low-key without losing its bright spots.

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