Bahan Dark Green Steel Garage Cabinets Leileier

Bahan Garage Cabinets

We strive for the highest quality metal cabinets in the world, and each cabinet is carefully controlled to meet the most demanding requirements for a lifetime of use. A variety of cabinet sizes are available to meet different requirements and keep your garage consistently clean and tidy.

Our Bahan Range Garage Cabinet instantly upgrades the look of your space, providing you with organized storage for all your belongings.

Bahan Dark Green Steel Garage Cabinets Leileier

Collection Name: Bahan

Price: $5249


Pegboard Backsplash Attachement *4
24 in. W Multi Use Locker *1
Wall Cabinet *4
Double Doors Cabinet With 3 Drawers *2
4 Drawers Tool Base Cabinet *2
Rolling Tool Cabinet *1
Trash Bin *1
Worktop *1

Door Specification

Finish: Painted
Material: Rolled steel
Thickness: 19mm
Cabinet configuration: Steel cabinet; with soft-close doors and drawers

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